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NITHealth Gives Back to the Community

Given the mandate from the recent federal legislation to modernize the administration of medicine with the digitizing of medical records and billing using electronic health records, NITHealth has been busy working with the healthcare industry to attain greater optimization and efficiencies with its information systems.

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Why Choose nIThealth Health?

We offer a personal information technology check-up of your organization. At nIThealth, we develop a complete solution plan that addresses all of your information systems concerns, as well as the ones you haven't thought about. Every institution has unique IT needs which requires an individual assessment and organizational analysis. Upon review, nITHealth collaborates with you in providing a network technology integration plan to assure your institution’s success.
To guarantee your organization’s success a team of experienced professionals -- including project manager, business accountant, systems analyst, technical staff and customer support -- is deployed throughout the different phases of your technology integration plan.

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