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Need Affordable MEDITECH Support? NIT Is The Answer

MEDITECH Electronic Health Records (EHR) combines easy access to information with high performance and high reliability. However, selecting MEDITECH as your EHR vendor is only the beginning of a process that can be an expensive one.

Most hospitals find after implementing MEDITECH, expensive support is required in order to keep the system running effectively. Hospitals need to upgrade modules to support changes in interfaces and coding in order to keep their EHR productive. In addition to updating the system, hospitals must keep both clinical and technical analysts to support these upgrades.

How do hospitals handle these updates? Some hospitals choose to work directly with MEDITECH’s professional services team, but this tends to be the most expensive solution. Third party MEDITECH consultants such as Navin and Haffty and Associates may offer slightly lower rates, but they are still unaffordable to many hospitals, especially at times when IT departments need to do more while spending less.

The NIT Health solution

At NIT Health, we have developed a different approach that lowers cost while maintaining the highest quality service. At NIT Health, we source former MEDITECH consultants who now provide the same services for us. Our flexible structure allows us to lower our costs and pass these savings to our clients. The result is the highest quality service at the lowest possible prices.

Let NIT Health become your MEDITECH partner. Let us show you how NIT Health can maintain your MEDITECH projects while reducing your cost of ownership. Our robust and scalable solution will help you:

  • Revise clinical workflows
  • Enhance implementation of “bring your own device”
  • Effectively maintain your legacy environment
  • Create solutions for MAGIC, Client/Server 5.x and 6.x platforms
  • Create a Clinical HelpDesk/IT Response Center

To learn how you can get all of these benefits and lower costs, schedule your introduction call today.