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Digital Radiology PACS

Network Infrastructure Technologies Health has partnered with GE to bring the latest in high quality digital imaging technology to our clients. Digital imaging technology was considered as early as 1970s when Geoffery Hounsfield developed the first CT scanner, marking an important change in focus of research on digital imaging as opposed to film. This transition offered a new flexibility to the healthcare industry by altering the way the health sector manages, transmits and collaborates on data in radiology.

There are many benefits of using digital technology in place of film:

  • Digital x-ray images can be enhanced and manipulated with the use of a computer.
  • Digital images can be sent via network to other workstations and computer monitors so that different healthcare professionals can share the information and assist in the diagnosis.
  • Digital images can be archived onto compact optical disk or digital tape drives, saving tremendously on storage space and human resources required for a traditional x-ray film library.
  • Digital images can be retrieved from an archive at any point for reference.

Network Infrastructure Technologies Health has great experience in implementing digital imaging which lends a seamless transition of information from one point to the next, improving turnaround time in the health facilities’ radiological department. We believe that this is a crucial service for healthcare industry as it is flexibility provides the patients and physicians with many more options in the process of diagnosis.

If you are ready to go digital with MRI, CAT scan, Ultra Sounds, mammograms and X rays contact us for more information.

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