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NIT Health presents the 2015 Hospital IT Service Desk Benchmarks. This in-depth research probes into the performance metrics of dozens of hospitals that work with NIT Health. Our goal is to allow IT professionals to compare themselves to their peers and measure their performance as compared to the industry average.

Nowadays, hospitals run on information and data—from Electronic Medical Records (EMR) to other sensitive systems. All of these systems must work seamlessly. However, every system needs support, and when they need it, that support must be quick and immediate in order to further excellent patient care.

The service desk supports the smooth operations of countless key systems, providing real-time assistance to physicians and staff that drives clinical excellence. However, running an efficient and cost-effective service desk that meets the highest levels of assistance is not an easy task.

At NIT Health, we support countless hospitals and organizations in building costeffective, scalable, and efficient IT service desks with stellar customer service. Our goal is to enable you to use these metrics to better understand your organization’s performance status.