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The Future of Healthcare Technology

This course is designed to introduce the student to the basics of medical records management to give them the tools they need to support and implement EMR systems in clinical organization.

This course provides the student with the opportunity to put previously learned technical skills into practice in a simulated medical setting using electronic medical records (EMR) and allows the student to learn about EMR management practices. 

We will cover the flow of information in a medical practice, the role of information technology in medical offices, and discuss the HIPAA Security Rule and other regulatory requirements. Types of electronic management systems will be explored along with their impact on various areas of the healthcare system. Technical issues relating to implementation, security, integration into existing systems, and disaster recovery will be discussed to prepare students for the technical aspects of an enterprise EMR system.

Job opportunity: Clinical analyst, PACS admin, Lab Analyst, Network administrators, Pharmacy analyst, EMR Tech, Businesses analyst, Server manager, Patient Information Management System (HIMS/PIMS) Implementation Consultant, Application managers, System manager, Healthcare IT managers, System analyst, Network engineers, Database administrators, Project managers