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Hackensack UMC IT Service Desk Strategies Revealed - Dr. Shafiq Rab

In an exclusive interview, Dr. Shafiq Rab shares his winning strategies for building a responsive, agile, and cost effective IT service desk. 

“A service desk is a very challenging thing. Yet it’s the single most important thing that defines an IT department,” says Dr. Shafiq Rab, Vice President and CIO at Hackensack University Medical Center. 
Learn how the #1 hospital in New Jersey is leveraging its IT service desk to support clinical excellence and to provide outstanding patient care.

“A service desk either makes or breaks an IT department,” says Dr. Rab. “Why? Because they are the front end, that’s where the call goes, that’s how things need to be resolved… It’s all about customer service.” Hackensack UMC and NIT Health developed a unique IT service desk strategy that helps to quickly resolve IT issues and prevent disruption to patient care.

Learn how Hackensack UMC and NIT Health help to:

Minimize response time iconMinimize response time and drive excellent customer service

agility icon Support agility & scalability

effectiveness icon Drive cost effectiveness and savings