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Bed Tracking Management Automation

It is impossible for hospital facilities to predict who will come through their doors during the course of a week or even a day; diagnosis can range from dehydration to broken bones and the patients requiring treatment can be of varying ages, mixed religions and different ethnicities. Because of the unpredictable nature of the heathcare industry, hospitals and healthcare facilities are required to be organized, detailed and prepared for any situation that may arise.

Network Infrastructure Technologies Health offers bed tracking management - a software tool that provides greater administrative control to physicians and hospital staff. Bed tracking software and automation software work simultaneously with secure networks and databases to give a clear visual picture of the resources available on a real time basis. Accurate and easily-available information places administrative staff in a better position to make decisions regarding the number of patient admissions. Furthermore, it simplifies planning for emergency admissions and prevents unnecessary congestion from occurring.

This system gives the physicians and staff members the necessary tools to track the patients’ length of stay and outline patient itineraries, allowing the physicians to optimize the time spent with each patient. Bed tracking automation decreases the chances of patients being discharged prematurely and allows hospitals and healthcare facilities to run at optimal performance while simplifying the patient flow.

Network Infrastructure Technologies Health offers vast expertise in implementing bed tracking software and in our experience this software is crucial for the work flow processes of modern day hospitals. It puts more administrative control into the hands of the physicians and staff resulting in greater efficiency for the hospital.

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