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Project Management

NITHealth is your complete solution provider. We know that integration of even the simplest of technology into a new environment can be difficult, but managing a project that integrates multiple technology solutions that need to work together seamlessly can be near impossible. NITHealth has the experience and knowledge to provide comprehensive project management solutions that oversee the success of your project goals from beginning to end. We manage your health technology solutions in stages, which allows you, the client, to measure the progress of your health technology solutions while actively encouraging input with our open lines of communication.

At NITHealth we strike a careful balance removing the everyday responsibility of managing networks, assuring security and guaranteeing the efficiency of hardware and software.

Our Project Management begins with the series of thorough assessments; we spend time evaluating the client’s existing technology and determining what the best system design solution for each client’s business structure. We provide a complete solution that assures all of its aspects, even the hardware and software, are tested before the solution is deployed. NITHealth also coordinates the post in order to minimize the disruption of the daily routine of the healthcare facilities.

Even after we finish the development and the implementation of a Health Technology solution, we continue to provide 24-hour remote customer support. We also assure that the staff can maximize the use of the new technology providing hands-on training that gives staff the familiarity and confidence they will need to run the system. Their training along with our support gives them the tools they need to work efficiently.

Network Infrastructure Technologies Health project management solutions also include a monitoring system that assures that the network systems, databases, hardware and software put in place are working they way they should, by preventing bottlenecks and keeping a smooth workflow. Constant monitoring allows us to document possible problem areas and create solutions to avoid issues that new technology can encounter and make the necessary adjustments to assure efficiency. The maintenance is also a preventive measure to lengthen the life time of equipment.

HIPAA and JACHO regulations are always a major concern; when it comes to patients’ privacy, our clients can feel secure knowing that we have met and surpassed all the industry standards.

We work relentlessly monitoring networks and databases to assure their security. Through the continuous monitoring of the implemented systems we insure timely updates to the automation software to avoid trojans, viruses and worms.

WAN and LAN are protected by the cutting edge security measures to prevent malicious or accidental intrusions.

Network Infrastructure Technologies Health is a complete solution provider; we stay with you to guarantee your success when in combining health and technology.

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