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EMR Adoption Support

NITHealth is successfully helping healthcare organizations meet the requirements for EMR Adoption. Recently NITHealth has started an implementation of EMR in a 220 bed hospital in NJ expected to go live within 9 months.

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Application Management

Network Infrastructure Technologies Health provides hosting for applications and a centralized server that is available 24/7 for our clients use. The service is similar to an intranet-based service, but with application hosting you can access your software package anytime from anywhere through a simple Internet connection. We host your…

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Digital Radiology PACS

Network Infrastructure Technologies Health has partnered with GE to bring the latest in high quality digital imaging technology to our clients. Digital imaging technology was considered as early as 1970s when Geoffery Hounsfield developed the first CT scanner, marking an important change in focus of research on digital imaging as opposed to film. This transition offered a new flexibility to the healthcare industry by altering the way the health sector manages, transmits and collaborates on data in radiology.

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Need Affordable MEDITECH Support? NIT Is The Answer

MEDITECH Electronic Health Records (EHR) combines easy access to information with high performance and high reliability. However, selecting MEDITECH as your EHR vendor is only the beginning of a process that can be an expensive one.

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Bed Tracking Management Automation

It is impossible for hospital facilities to predict who will come through their doors during the course of a week or even a day; diagnosis can range from dehydration to broken bones and the patients requiring treatment can be of varying ages, mixed religions and different ethnicities. Because of…

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EMR Optimization

Yes, We Can Optimize Your Current EMR system. Once you implemented an EMR system, the next step should be to fine tune the system—a process called optimization. Optimization is the concept of making something as fully perfect, functional, or effective as possible. A best practice of EMR users, optimization ensures that the fullest potential of your software is realized. Optimizing your EMR enables you to take full advantage of all the features and abilities your software provides in the most efficient way possible. Optimization can help you get the most return on your technology investment, achieve the highest possible productivity from staff and providers and provide the highest quality of care.

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